What are DIY Sales?

What are DIY Sales?

These days, consumers are far more informed about the real estate market than ever before.

At jacksonwall, we take pride in offering our clients a greater choice of how their property is offered to the market.

The concept of DIYourself Sales is not new. Our method gives customers another options when deciding how they would like to sell.

Choosing DIY Sales gives owners control of the entire process and they can save a lot of money in doing so.

For a minimal flat fee, you can sell you own home with the reassurance that you have a dedicated Real Estate Agent that will support you during the journey. This method particularly suits those who have a lot of experience in buying or selling properties.

We offer cost efficient packages including essential marketing support by way of professional photography, floor plans and priority listings on the internet.

At jacksonwall, we assist you to sell your property, your way and we would be delighted to assist you achieve the best possible outcome for your sale.

Call our office today to arrange an appointment and find out how we can best work together.